How many times have you made a new purchase that you were satisfied with, not only something that you had wanted for good and justifiable reasons but also, because it just gave you pleasure to be the proud owner of that item? Let’s say, a new mobile phone, just as an example. Then someone, maybe a friend or loved one, maybe a stranger goes out of their way to admire it, swelling your pride a little that someone has recognised your discerning and sophisticated tastes. Then they have the nerve to say, “If you don’t mind me asking, how much did you pay for that?” It sounds like they are considering making the same purchase and are inquiring about the price out of curiosity as if they want to determine its affordability. Then when you tell them the approximate price, they look aghast that anyone could have paid that much! “Oh really?” they say. “I recently bought one for my nephew and I only paid (x amount) for it.”


Your feelings of pride now deflated to embarrassment and humiliation, you politely reply, “Oh my goodness, what a great deal you got. Where on Earth did you find such a bargain?” They proceed to tell you that it was just on the other side of town, in a well-known shop that “everyone” knows about … and wonder how on earth you didn’t know about it. We all know, it is not uncommon for prices to vary greatly within the same market area. Nobody has enough time in the day to stay on top of all of them. Keeping track of advertised prices, sales, and special offers takes a lot of energy. But not keeping track can cost a lot of money if you overpay when you don’t need to. This holds true in the field of dental services, also. That is why you should let DentalBid search for qualified, reputable dentists in your area to offer bids on providing the dental work that you need. You don’t have time to call every dentist office in town to find the best bargain. With DentalBid, you post your dental needs on our easy to use website and let dentists bid on doing the work. With DentalBid, you have the ability to contact prospective providers and talk to them directly about their services, philosophies, and policies. Every dentist that responds to you on DentalBid has agreed to provide you with a FREE 15-minute examination. This allows you to see their facilities, meet their staff, observe their demeanor, and ask any questions that you have. You can see them first hand prior to making any obligations to them. So the next time someone asks you how much you paid for that new crown or implant, don’t risk being price-shamed, even if someone paid a lower price. With DentalBid, you are given the greatest advantages with the lowest risk when shopping for dental care. Let DentalBid help you find the most affordable, safest, most convenient dental providers available. To get started, just follow the steps below and see how much you can save on your dental needs:

  1. Go to the DentalBid website if you’re not already there
  2. Scroll to the menu at the top of the page
  3. Click on “How it works” or “Home”
  4. Click on “Get Quotes Now”, and follow the easy to understand instructions.
Start saving on your dental care now with DentalBid!