Imagine a universe in which you control a most precious substance.

A substance so valuable and rare that kings across the universe come to your throne room, prostrate themselves before you and offer you vast sums of treasure and pledges of eternal fealty for the privilege to manage your treasure.

Not just one king, but many kings come. You can question them and peer into their hearts to determine who is worthy and who is not.

You might not have galactic kings coming to your throne room to pledge their undying service and loyalty to you, but you can have the next best thing:

Dentists bidding to do your dental work!

Imagine a world in which you have a throbbing toothache. Probably not hard to imagine at all. Or simply imagine a world where you want to have your oral health monitored and your teeth cleaned on a regular basis, so that you never have to experience a throbbing toothache ever again as long as you live … and you want it at a competitive price.

There is a new twist on this story.

Now you can virtually invite a group of dentists into your home and have them bid on doing your dental work. You can talk to them, ask questions, get a sense of them as dental professionals and people.

DentalBid enables you to do almost exactly that.

No, you won’t have an actual, physical group of dentists in your home bidding personally for your patronage. But you can have a cyber-version of that.

From the comfort of your throne room (living room, that is) you can use our handy application to communicate exactly what dental work you are interested in having done.

Put your needs out into the cyber-world of dentists with DentalBid. Then sit back and watch while dentists in your area bid on doing the work for you.

You are not just bidding to get the lowest price possible, although, that is certainly possible to find. But that should probably not be your most important criteria on your list. Remember, the dental professionals that bid on your work see this as not just an opportunity to charge less for their services. Indeed, why would they do that in the first place? They wouldn’t, unless there was a payoff for them.

The payoff for the dentists is that they get a chance to showoff their practice for you. They are bidding on your patronage, and a potential lifetime of dental visits with you, your family, and possibly your friends and their friends.

If they can win turn you into a loyal customer with their excellent service and professionalism, then one visit can potentially turn into years of repeat business for their practice.

So, after you receive some responses to your query, you can sort through the group by price and location. Feel free to check out their websites and search for them online with the Dental Board of Australia and the Australian Dental Association. Feel free to ask your friends and neighbors about them, and do whatever investigating that you wish to do.

After you have narrowed your list of potential dentists down to a manageable number, call them. You can tell a lot about a professional by how user-friendly their telephone system is, and how easy it is to talk to a real person in the office.

If you like what you hear on the phone, then go ahead and make a preliminary appointment with them, just to get a feel for their efficiency, office atmosphere, and to meet the dentist face to face.

You are entitled to a free 15 minute consultation as a DentalBid user, from every dentist that bids on your treatment. You can visit dentists based on any criteria you choose: location, size, or your initial telephone interaction. And, you may entertain as many bids as you like without any obligation.

Follow the steps below and see how much you can save on your dental needs:

  1. Scroll to the menu at the top of the page
  2. Click on “How it works” or “Home”
  3. Click on “Get Quotes Now”, and follow the simple instructions.

DentalBid helps you care for your teeth at competitive prices, and form positive relationships with highly qualified dentists in your area.