[dt_fancy_image type=”” lightbox=”0″ align=”right” margin_top=”0″ margin_bottom=”10″ margin_right=”0″ margin_left=”20″ width=”300″ height=”” animation=”none” media=”” image_alt=”How to Find a Good Dentist in Australia” hd_image=”” image=”http://www.br17001.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/09/How-to-Find-a-Good-Dentist-in-Australia–300×201.jpg”][/dt_fancy_image]You have a toothache that you can’t ignore any longer. You need to find a dentist soon. Perhaps you just recently moved to a new town; your regular dentist retired or is on vacation; or your teeth have seemed just fine without dental care and you haven’t ever had to find a dentist before.

For whatever reason, you don’t know a good dentist.

How do you find a good one?

Tips For Finding a Good Dentist

    1. Ask your friends. Word of mouth is one of best ways you can find a dentist. A friend can give you insight into their dentist’s skills, specialties, how they run their business, and tip you off to any problems that they have had. One of the greatest advantages of getting a referral from a friend is that you can ask specific questions of importance to you that you might not expect to get answered well from a source that is unfamiliar with you.
    2. Check their credentials. If you find a dentist that you are interested in, check to make sure that they are professionally trained and licensed to practise dentistry.
    3. Two places to look online for your dentist are:

      Dental Board of Australia (http://www.dentalboard.gov.au)

      If the dentist in question is not listed there, then they are not a real dentist and you should definitely not use them.

      Australian Dental Association (http://www.ada.org.au/Find-a-Dentist).

      When you talk to them on the phone or visit their office you should ask about their training and education.

      In Australia, a general dentist will have a BDS (Bachelor of Dental Surgery) after four years of study from one of the Universities in Australia. After more post-graduate training, they will receive a DClinDent (Doctorate in Clinical Dentistry), previously referred to as a MDS or MDSc (Master of Dental Surgery/Science).

    4. Talk to them in person. No research you do can substitute for visiting the dentist at their office and talking to them face to face. In person you will be able to gain valuable information that is impossible to gather over the phone or online.

    Intangible things are crucial in your decision to place your trust in a particular dentist.

    For example, in person you can see how well they maintain their office, the demeanor of the dentist and the staff, the professionalism practised with other patients, and similar things.

    This is where DentalBid is very useful.

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