[dt_fancy_image type=”” lightbox=”0″ align=”right” margin_top=”06″ margin_bottom=”0″ margin_right=”0″ margin_left=”10″ width=”250″ height=”” animation=”none” media=”” image_alt=”DentalBid | Dental Care Cost in Australia” hd_image=”” image=”http://www.br17001.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/08/DentalBid-Dental-Care-Cost-in-Australia.jpg”][/dt_fancy_image]Now more than ever, more Australians are avoiding dental care because of dental visit costs, or not getting treated because they can not afford it.

According to the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare (AIHW), 45% of adults (aged 25 – 45) delayed or avoided dental care because of the cost in 2013. That is up from an already appalling 25% in 1994.

The increase was despite the fact that inflation in Australia has been mostly static and even decreasing a little for the last 15 years.

For the same year, 2013, just over 25% of adult dental patients (aged 25 – 64) did not receive the recommended treatment due to the high costs. That’s up some 8% since 1994, according to the AIHW.

Dentistry in Australia is regulated by the Dental Board of Australia (DBA) for the Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency (AHPRA). They regulate registration standards, codes, policies and guidelines, but NOT prescribed fees.

Dentists are free to charge what the market will bear.

The Australian Dental Association (ADA) found in a survey of 3265 private sector dentists, that prices for the same services vary … A LOT! More than double in some cases.

Examples of Dramatic Costs Differences:
  • Oral Exam, Scale and Clean, Fluoride Treatment: Average = $200. Low/High = $180 to $320
  • Tooth Extraction: Average = $167 Low/High = $120 – $268
  • Tooth Bleaching (per treatment): Low/High = $20 – $334
  • Full Veneered Crown: Average = $1459 Low/High = $1110 – $1944
  • Filling (rear tooth, 1 surface) = Average = $148 Low/High = $109 – $208

DentalBid Can Help

Prices vary between dentists depending upon many factors that are hard to pin down. However, geographic location seems to be a major factor. You may not be able to travel for the sole purpose of finding a more affordable dentist, but you may be surprised by the range of prices offered in your area.

With DentalBid it can even be possible to find high-quality dental care that is priced below even the low range of prices offered in your area.

That is because with DentalBid, you are not shopping for the lowest priced dentist, you are asking dentists to bid against each other for your business. This puts you in the heart of the supply and demand mechanism that drives Australia’s dental industry.

All bids you receive will be at least 25% off your original dentist’s quote.

Of course, you are never obligated in any way to a dental practice until you visit the dentist in person and agree to the treatment plan.

Every bid includes a free 15 minute consultation with that dentist, so that you can meet them and judge for yourself if you want to proceed with the treatment or not. You are encouraged to visit more than one to get various, professional opinions.

So if you have pressing dental needs to take care of, DO NOT WAIT!

  1. Scroll to the menu at the top of the page
  2. Click on “How it works” or “Home”
  3. Click on “Get Quotes Now”, and follow the easy to understand instructions.

Start saving on your dental care now with DentalBid!