The biggest concerns for people travelling overseas for dental treatment are health risks. The biggest reason for taking inflated health risks is lower cost.

People should be very concerned, and rightly so, about health risks when travelling to countries that have few or no regulations regarding the competency of dental professionals, the facilities they operate in, and poor infrastructures which supply those facilities with water and other services.

Some of the dangerous, infectious diseases that can threaten patient health as a result of poor infrastructure and lax regulations are:
  • Hepatitis A: transmitted via food and water
  • Hepatitis B: contracted by exposure to blood/infectious materials
  • Hepatitis C: viral infection contracted through blood contact through needles and medical exposure
  • Typhoid fever: contracted by contact with faeces
  • Amoebiasis: water or food-borne parasite resulting in intestinal illness, can affect blood, brain, and spinal cord
  • Shigellosis: bacterial infection found in water and food polluted by faeces and contracted by hand-to-hand or hand-to-mouth contact.
  • Tuberculosis: transmitted by the air, contracted through coughing, sneezing or sputum

The training and experience of the dentists and staff are also important to consider, improper sanitation practices can put patients at risk.

Many people looking to save money on their dental bills find the websites of overseas providers. Some of them are very professionally made. They are easy to navigate, easy to look at, easy to find all the answers to common questions.

Not only are their websites enticing, but often, so are their services. They can be very quick to respond to inquiries, seem to show a special interest in the patient, offer services beyond dentistry to assure the potential patient that they will be treated well, kept safe and comfortable, and instill confidence in the provider.

Everything about the website, patient interaction, and logistical services are designed to compete with other dentists, both domestic and foreign, for your dental dollars.

However, the savvy dental patient must not forget this:

Easy to use websites, kind e-mails, and tourist services does NOT mean that they will receive high-quality, safe dental treatment in a well regulated, modern facility.

Nor do they replace the safety of an environment where infrastructure, particularly water utilities, are run safely and to very high standards.

Some of the health risks that you don’t have to worry about in Australia are common problems in poorer countries.

Water purity and sanitation abroad can be a problem. The drinking water is probably purified, but the water where the staff and patients wash their hands or use the toilets may not be. The doctors and staff are probably not required to be immunized against infectious diseases. These are dangers that the dental tourist should consider before deciding to go abroad for treatment.

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