Children are little packages of love and joy that also cost a lot of money to raise and care for. Of course, we all love them, but we also know that they always need something, either necessary or new. Dental health is one of the important, necessary expenses that parents have to deal with in the course of raising a child.

Over the past 15 years, the cost of health care in Australia has steadily increased. According to the AIHW (the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare), the number of people that have delayed dental treatment or put it off altogether, for economic reasons has risen steadily for over a decade.

Many parents prioritise their children’s dental care at the expense of their own oral health due to rising dental costs.

Healthcare, and specifically dental care costs have increased in recent decades for several reasons.

  • Healthcare has improved, but for a price. The costs of technological development, pharmaceutics, research, and advanced equipment have risen and with them, the costs of health services as well. As an integral part of health care, the expenses for dental care have ridden the same rising tide as the healthcare industry.
  • Demand has increased. According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, the population of Australia has been growing steadily at one to two percent for over the last 15 years. With increased population comes increased demand. With increased demand, comes increased rates.
  • Expectations and status associated with attractiveness have skyrocketed. Maintaining good oral health with the help of a good dentist is not the only burden that parents carry for their children. There is also the weight of

Very few people are born with perfect teeth, and the pressure on parents to provide orthodontic treatment for their children has increased. Physical appearance has always been a strong pressure point in the adolescent years.

Entertainment and social media has only increased the pressure to look perfect. When was the last time you saw a less-than-perfect celebrity? Probably not since the 70’s, if you can remember that far back.

New techniques in orthodontics allow patients to receive treatment with less pain and less cosmetic disruption. However, the newer methods are more expensive. This is yet a further burden on parents.

Almost everything in the health care industry, and especially oral health, seems to be costing more and more. What is a parent to do?

We are all facing rising dentist and orthodontic fees, and greater expectations of ourselves and the professionals that we employ.

What can one do to manage runaway costs and out-of-control spending?

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