According to the AIHW (Australian Institute of Health and Welfare) in 2013:

  • One-third of Australians were putting off dental appointments due to prohibitively high costs.
  • Twenty percent of those who did visit a dentist opted to not have the recommended treatment because it was too expensive.
  • The number of people on the waiting list for public dental care was about 650,000 and many had been waiting for as long as two years.
  • Forty-four percent of uninsured Australians were avoiding seeing a dentist altogether.

These statistics from the AIHW (Australian Institute of Health and Welfare) paint a discouraging picture of dental health services at that time.

Since then, the Australian economy has had some ups and downs, but has remained basically stagnant. Chances are, the above statistics are still pretty accurate, and the economic situation of many Australians is probably even more bleak than two or three years ago.

What’s the problem with going to the dentist?

For a large segment of Australian society, dental care is too expensive. Virtually everyone would agree that dental care is not cheap and often times not affordable.

Part of the problem with high dental industry prices is inherent to the very nature of the practice. Dentistry is intrinsically technology-based and requires a highly trained, skilled labour force. The initial set-up costs to start a practice are very high.

Overhead costs for an established dental practice include:

  • administrative staff
  • nursing staff
  • rent
  • licensing
  • insurance
  • materials

That list does not include compensating the dentist(s) for their education, training, experience, talents, skills, and time.

Preventive dental care, which includes conscientious homecare and regular dental checkups and cleanings, is the best protection against the exorbitant dental fees. The expensive dental treatments occur when treating more severe dental problems, such as tooth loss and replacement.

If you can delay, or possibly avoid, the need for crowns or dental implants altogether, you will save thousands of dollars on your lifetime dental costs. Multiply that by the number of people in your family or dependent on you for their health care, the savings can be extraordinary.

When you think in terms of life-time expenses, then even small savings and discounts can add up to significant savings.

However, if the costs of preventive dental visits are still prohibitive, as they seem to be to many Australians, what are the practical options available to those in that fit into that category?

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