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Do dentists really bid for my dental work?

Yes. Once you complete our ‘request bids’ form, qualified, local pracitioners will bid for your dental work. Our select bidding process ensures you receive at least 25% off the cost of your dental treatment.

How do I request bids from dentists?

By following this link (Click here to request bids) you will be able to tell us more about your required dental treatment. Remember to tell us as much as possible about the treatment you require so that we can find the right practitioner at the right price for you.

When will I know which dentists bid for my dental treatment?

You will receive an email within 48 hours with the details of up to three pracitioners who are ready to offer you more affordable dental care. This email will contain the final pricing being offered and will have a short biography on each of the pracitioners so you can find out more about them.

What happens after I receive multiple quotes for my dental treatment?

At the same time you receive an email with the pracitioners who bid on your dental treatment, the pracitioners will also receive your contact details. Depending on what you select when completing the request bids form, the dentists will either call or email you with suitable times for your 15 minutes free consultation.

Am I obligated to see a specific dentist?

You are definitely not obligated to go ahead with any treatment. DentalBid pracitioners will offer you a 15 minute free, no obligation consultation to discuss the treatment and then you can decide from there!

Is there a fee involved in registering my details with DentalBid?

No, there are no fees or hidden costs. DentalBid is a free of charge service that matches you with high quality, local pracitioners and ensures you save on your selected dental treatment.

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