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Our goal is simple,
help you find the most affordable dental care.

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We believe that everyone deserves the opportunity to access professional dental services without breaking the bank. Whether the dental treatment is for yourself or for your family, we at DentalBid pride ourselves in helping match you with qualified pracitioner’s in your area and reducing the cost of your quoted dental treatment.


Just fill out our easy to use online form and tell us about your required dental treatment. We will then inform practitioners in our database of your request and within 48 hours you should start to receive quotes for your work.

No Obligation

In reducing the cost of your dental treatment by at least 25% and receiving a no obligation free 15 minute consultation with the pracitioners of your choice, you can forget about the stress that comes with those unexpected dental bills.

Your Dentist

Our large database of qualified pracitioners are all registered with the Dental Board of Australia, and are ready to offer you affordable dental care!

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